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ALUCARD eng subbed

this is my first time posting here.
i just knew Amuse boys a week ago and totally immersed in their musical. but i dont find any subbed version for ALUCARD and Frogs. if anyone knows please tell me. onegaishimasu! Thank you!

p/s: is there any soundtrack for Black and White?

FROGS 2013

Konnichiwa again (^ ^) I'm here to ask where can I watch Frogs 2013?? I already watch the 2007 and I saw that there is also a 2013 version can you help me where I can watch it?? ARIGATOU~
KONNICHIWA MINNA I'm new in livejournal and just a recent fan of AMUSE ACTORS
can I ask for help ?? (T.T) I have watched the SHL 2014 and 2011 but I cant find the 2012 and 2013 do you have download link of the two concerts ?
Thank you for those who will answer (^ ^)

Sales Post: Kaitou Seven

Hi all, I'm selling my copy of Kaitou Seven, since I don't think I've watched it in over a year and I keep forgetting I have it and I know there are people that would love a copy and I need to buy groceries. OTL.

I do not have the outer packaging, just the DVDs and the Booklet, so all I'm asking for is $20, which includes shipping in the states. IF you live outside the states, we can negotiate a good balance between price and shipping.

I do not have PayPal or anything along those lines. Check, Money Order, or Digital Amazon (US) gift certificate are ok (I can buy groceries with primenow). Please PM for offers.

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