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Dec. 8th, 2016

Hi  does anyone have plans of sharing the new SHL album 2016? :)
please ..

thank you amuse family <3

FROGS 2013

Konnichiwa again (^ ^) I'm here to ask where can I watch Frogs 2013?? I already watch the 2007 and I saw that there is also a 2013 version can you help me where I can watch it?? ARIGATOU~

Takuya Uehara Philippines

Hi I know its weird to have as my profile photo a Arashi logo yet I own a fan group on facebook
of a Amuse actor. Still it does not Matter..

Any Takuya Uehara fans here? :)
you might wanna join our Small family here on facebook.

Here are our links:

PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/TakuyaUeharaPh
GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TakuyaUeharaPhilippines/

See you there :)
KONNICHIWA MINNA I'm new in livejournal and just a recent fan of AMUSE ACTORS
can I ask for help ?? (T.T) I have watched the SHL 2014 and 2011 but I cant find the 2012 and 2013 do you have download link of the two concerts ?
Thank you for those who will answer (^ ^)

Sales Post: Kaitou Seven

Hi all, I'm selling my copy of Kaitou Seven, since I don't think I've watched it in over a year and I keep forgetting I have it and I know there are people that would love a copy and I need to buy groceries. OTL.

I do not have the outer packaging, just the DVDs and the Booklet, so all I'm asking for is $20, which includes shipping in the states. IF you live outside the states, we can negotiate a good balance between price and shipping.

I do not have PayPal or anything along those lines. Check, Money Order, or Digital Amazon (US) gift certificate are ok (I can buy groceries with primenow). Please PM for offers.
Where to download Chikyuu Gorgeous Vol. 12 - Kaitou Seven: The Thieves of the Seven Seas?

I lost my copy so I'm currently looking where to get them again since links previously posted in the community is no longer working.


Super Handsome Live

Hi, I on the hunt for some Super Handsome Live downloads, so far i've found SHL 2011 and 2012 and would like to view others, does anyone have links to some other SHLs? or is anyone willing to upload the other concerts? thank you in advance.

Leaving Japan Sale

I am selling Amuse cards and the Lets Try Again CD/DVD at my journal, please take a look as everything must go by August 4th.
Hello everyone !

My friend and I happened to be really lucky and got more tickets for this summer's musical SONG WRITERS than needed. It is directed by Kishitani Goro (the creator of FROGS) and has Uehara Takuya in it.

Depending on my friend's schedule (she'll know which date she can go in about two weeks I guess), we have two tickets for August 3rd at 1.30pm or two tickets at 1.30pm on August 4th. They'll have a foreign name on it (they're fanclub tickets).

Number of tickets: 2
Date: August 3rd 1.30PM or August 4th 1.30PM
Venue: Theatre Creation - Tokyo
Price: 11200y (face value + fanclub fee) each

We offer to make the exchange on the day of the venue (or before as my friend will be in Tokyo). We can also send them if you pay by Paypal beforehand.

Would anyone be interested ?

Feel free to ask any question. Thanks :)

PS: I'm gonna be off for a week from Monday evening so don't worry if I don't answer. I'll answer right after my work trip.
I'm selling the Team Amuse "Let's Try Again" CD+DVD for $5 plus shipping. If you're interested, go to my post HERE

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